Knitted Bib-by Leah Morgan , a “BONNIE BABIES” member



Double Knitting Wool

3¼mm Needles



Cast on 10 sts.


Stocking Stitch 20 rows, increasing 1 stitch at each end of the 3rd and 5th row (14 sts).


Next Row:  K2, (K2tog, K2) to end (11 sts).



Cast on 44 sts


Stocking stitch 2 rows


Next Row:  K2tog, (yfwd, K2tog) to end of row.


Stocking stitch 2 rows


Cast off


To Make Up

With wrong side of bib and edging facing attach the edging to side, bottom & side of the bib.  The cast off edge of the bib should be at the top.


Fold the edging in half and sew in place.


Add ribbon to top edge of bib.