Capital lettering: 36 stitches wide. 17 rows high.
Lower case lettering 24 stitches wide 17 rows high.

Choose the position of the lettering according to the size of blanket being made.
Use stitch markers to locate the 24 or 36 stitches where the lettering will be knitted.

Reading the Charts
Each square on the chart represents one stitch. Rows are read from bottom to top.
Right side rows are read horizontally from right to left, and wrong side rows are read horizontally from left to right.
i.e. Odd numbered rows are Knit rows
Even numbered rows are Purl rows
The numbers on the sides of the chart represent the row being knitted.

Using a thicker yarn for the lettering will help it ‘stand out’ e.g. white 4ply for the main colour and blue double knitting for the lettering. Strand yarns as in Fair Isle.

Twist yarn on end letters i.e. the B and E of Bonnie and the B and S of babies to prevent gaps forming.

Allow a margin of at least an inch between the lettering and the blanket edges.

Use a ruler – placed below the row being worked as a guide.

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